Namaste! Mero Nepali naam Kailash ho.

Hello Hello,

I have arrived safely in Nepal.  We have begun crash-course Nepali since getting here and the above title means: “Hello!  My Nepali name is Kailash.”  Yes, because Nepali people won’t be able to pronounce our names, so they gave us new ones!  Kailash is the sacred mountain where Shiva resides…not to shabby.

We spent the past few days in a village called Pharping outside of Kathmandu for orientation and visited some of the temples there.

Now we are in Kathmandu and met are families for the first time yesterday.  There is a lot to absorb here between new family/language/culture/classes, etc. but also the deep paradoxes of the city and Kathmandu Valley in general: how can temples have images Ganesh besides the Dalai Lama?  How can there be so much suffering and delusion where there has been and is such profound spiritual heritage?


2 thoughts on “Namaste! Mero Nepali naam Kailash ho.”

  1. Namaste Kailash –
    You are a sacred mountain where Shiva resides!!
    I’m so glad you are there safe and sound. What’s the air like and food?
    How are your sleeping quarters? Get settled in and keep reporting.
    This is short as I leave for Miami Friday and just wanted to respond to you!!!
    xoxo M

  2. Namaste Kailash of the Boos

    You are the great pillar we all see and flock to. Shiva is your friend. So is the earth. So is the air, the mountains, the trees, the water. Nepal countryside is remarkable. So lush and untouched by wrongful overdevelopment. It is a place it seems where dust on one’s legs seems acceptable. Thank goodness.

    Best photo ever.

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